Friday, October 2, 2015

Random Rant....

Random Rant Upon Viewing Social Media & Seeing There Was ANOTHER Mass Shooting

   I don't have cable.  I get to tune out.  I don't have to listen to politicians droning on about what they are going to do to help the American people during their term in office.  In turn, I don't have to witness everything staying the same.  
   When I left Oklahoma, where I was born and raised, I considered myself a pretty conservative Republican.  I mean, I was even a member of my local Southern Baptist Church. But, Folks, I've seen stuff.  I've traveled.  I've met people.  I started having THOUGHTS.  So, I took an online quiz to figure me out.  And, low and behold, I'm a moderate Democrat.  I could almost hear my father, God rest his soul, curse under his breath in my ear.  
   Thing is though, I have friends from all over the world, with such different views on these hot topics, it'd give you whiplash from the swing.  Guess what, they are my friends.  We get a long.  I respect their views.
   I'll be moving back to the U.S. after this school year.  I'm becoming more and more acutely aware of the turmoil in my home country.  As a single woman, a mother, it is particularly disturbing.  My oldest son will be moving home as an adult.  My youngest son will be entering high school.  I'll be living in the U.S. as a single woman.  It all scares the crap out of me.  
   So, this is what I'm seeing after 3+ years living abroad....

   We have elected officials who try to do their jobs, and have good intentions, who quickly find that their hands are tied.  Like this guy. Others, on either side of the aisle, have been in their seats so long they have a permanent butt dent in the cushion of their rollie chair.  They are perfectly content with status quo and all the money from donors and lobbies to keep their bellies fat. 
   Fix this. Roll your ass to the middle of the aisle. Freakin' work together. Shut your mouth and actively listen to your constituents and your colleagues.  
   Fix our problem with mass shootings.  
   Fix our problem with access to mental health care.
   Fix our problem with health care.
   Fix our problem with education funding and pay for teachers what they're worth.
   Fix our problem with accessibility to affordable secondary education.

   Here's the thing:  Since 1995, as a U.S. public school teacher I've taught this listening skill to really small children.  I didn't say hearing. Key root word here is listen. There is a difference.  
   If you don't understand it, I'll sit down and educate you.  Upon entering my classroom you might have to step over my rolling cart that carries papers I'll grade at home after I get home from my second job I had to take to pay for insurance and my son's college education. You'll just have to excuse the ceiling tiles falling down around our heads & bullets whizzing past our ears (but, I'll use my own body to shield you because our security guard can't carry).  I'll offer you my own wheelie chair to sit on.  It had a wheel break off last year, so I had to remove the other three and cover the stubs with used tennis balls.  But, it still works. I'll move my little metal chair across the aisle so you can listen close.  

  I'll continue to do my job. 

  Please do yours.