Monday, March 5, 2012

My Job, my principal, and other ramblings

I have to admit, I cried today.  In my classroom, with the lights off, with the Testing: Do Not Disturb sign fixed to the door.  Right after I got the letter of recommendation in my mailbox from him. 

I've had a great rapport with my principal at Kirtland Elementary, Don Hornbecker.    We can have an honest, professional, jovial relationship that I've really never had with another administrator.  I think it comes from the fact that we mutually respect one another.  And, maybe because we have the same birthday, November 16, Oklahoma Statehood Day!  Not that we always agree with each other, because we don't.  But, I'm finally respected for what I've accomplished and the job I do.  I'm seen as someone with a valuable opinion.  And, I feel the same about him.  So, thank you, Don for the things you wrote in the letter. 

Moving away from Sand Springs, Oklahoma was good for me on many levels.  Professionally, it has really helped me grow.  In Sand Springs, I always felt like a second fiddle because I wasn't part of the old guard.  As long as I stayed there, I could be seen but not truly heard.  I thought I was ok with that.  But, after 7 years of working here in New Mexico, I have learned that I'm a pretty good leader!  Change is good!  I'm smart!  I'm funny!  (Kinda sounds like a Jack Handey segment from SNL, huh?)  But, the best thing is that I can speak up for myself now.   I have cojones!

I have loved my time here.  The district has had ups and downs.  But, find me a place that doesn't have any bullshit going on and I'll sell you that ocean front property in Arizona!  I remind myself everyday that I'm here for the kids.  My friends.  Gosh, my friends.  I've made some wonderful friends here.  That's the hardest part...leaving them, and my sister who's here w/ me, too.  You know who your friends are by the way they treat you when you're in need.  And, I've sure needed them in the last year!

Cancer.  Ugh.  One year ago on March 15 I had my surgery for cervical cancer.  My friends came out in droves with prayers, food, bringing me new pajamas, helping my substitute with lesson plans, and driving my kids to and from school for about 7 weeks!  These are awesome people.  I know God brought me here for a reason and one reason was so that I could have these people in my life.

Next week, we'll be send the final paperwork to Seoul.  They should be working on our work visas, getting our apartment, enrolling the boys.  Oh, it's soo exciting.  We're excited, the boys are excited.  I'm so glad the boys are excited.  It makes things so much easier for us because they are.  Finally getting their passports really helped.

We're getting things finalized here.  I've been in touch with a teacher at KIS who's been great about answering all my questions about shipping things, what we need to take, what's a waste of space.  We're busy locating a storage unit for the big stuff we don't want to get rid of, putting out notices of big items we do.  Ads in the paper, someone to watch the dogs. (Don't even want to touch on leaving my dogs right now. I won't bore you with how much that hurts.  Just a lot of tears, sobbing [feel free to add more crying synonyms here]) 

It's all coming together.  17 weeks before liftoff.